Call The Helpline Assist Resolving Customer Complaints

Complaints always should not be understood to be a sign of something gone wrong. On the other hand, the harsh word does not always indicate insight. Often for many of the customer service executives, a negative experience is easily turned into a great opportunity. To make this possible, one should not only be able to address but also assess the complaints of the customers. According to data, most of the times, it has been witnessed that a customer will continue his business with a support executive if he wholly fixes up the situation for the very first time. Support is always not about being the right one but always about having the will power to make it right.

Looking Past The Friction Of Fury


It should never be assumed that a customer has no merit in his argument just because he is behaving in a wild manner. Even the angry complaints can have insight, and it is the job of the support executives to find out the friction. Feedback is actually considered to be a great tool to make a support executive understand the things that he had wronged. One can easily dismiss the complainers and tag them to be overly sensitive or cranky but doing it very often will lead one to dismiss a genuine feedback.

Every Meaningful Feedback Is To Be Recorded And Organized

Most of the customers are always in demand of the free products. Following the demands of the customers in a hap hazard manner is always wrong. A number of complaints on a certain issue though give a red signal only, but one will have to decide carefully about what is to be done next. One will have to simply organize the feedback. Task, which is hard to do, are never done. Hence, the support team should have a meaningful manner in which they can make a note of all the meaningful complaints about hearing about them.

Identifying One Who Is Being Talked With

  • Meek Customer – Generally does not disclose all the problems to the support executives and hence it becomes the responsibility of the executives for inquiring deeper into the heart of the problem to know what exactly went wrong.
  • Aggressive Customer – Extremely outspoken and not at all shy and tells whatever is in his mind. Avoid confrontation and instead, react with an extreme politeness which is pleasant yet not submissive as the support team should be treated with the deserved respect too.
  • High Roller – An enterprise customer who not only pays well but also has a demand for premium support. They do not like to hear excuses, and a simple way of catering their needs is by setting up a VIP folder with the Workflows.
  • Chronicle Complainer – The customer will call the helpline unnecessarily,but his issues should never be dismissed. Rather patience is required here as once the customer is satisfied, he will only sing praises of the executive to others.
  • The Barnacle – Often termed as ‘rip off’ customer who is never happy and satisfied. He always tries to get something that he does not deserve. It is important to maintain composure with them, and the responses should be objective.